Class Level Descriptions



Please note that all yoga is modified for each student. You can find your challenge in "easy" yoga classes and find your ease in "hard" yoga classes. The beauty of yoga--making it work for what you need in the moment.


Basic Beginner: This class is designed to give an overview of yoga ~ the union of mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It will introduce the basics of yoga postures, stretching, breathing, and relaxation techniques. Those students who have attended this class can progress into any Continuing class provided there is space. One-time classes are scheduled periodically. Please contact us for information on upcoming classes.


Beginner/Continuing: This class combines the Basic Beginner and Continuing class. Explore and revamp alignment of postures with a strong dynamic between breath, balance, flexibility and strength. These classes focus more on holding postures, rather than a flow. Class appropriate for new students and those continuing along in their practice.


Continuing: Students will remain focused on the details of postures, exploring and revamping the alignment of new and old postures, and weaving the breath into the flow of class. These classes are designed for those students who have completed one Basic Beginner class and is recommended for those who are returning to yoga. Class level works with the experience of the majority of participants.


Deepen Your Practice: These classes are designed to help you explore your practice even more while delving into the Las Vegas born practice of Expressive Yoga (not including the Sacred Dance Fusion).  Find the best alignment in your body, your deepest breath, your most engaged mind.  It's time to challenge your mind, body and spirit!  These classes will offer more one-on-one adjusting to create your body's version of its "perfect pose". 


Expressive Yoga Dance: This Las Vegas-born practice is now brought to the East Coast! Expressive Yoga Dance is a union of Expressive Yoga and Sacred Dance Fusion. Neither practice requires any prior experience. Even the uncoordinated can do this! Fused into one energetic experience, journey through simmering movement with Sacred Dance Fusion into a slow flow of asanas using new breathing techniques. The practice ends with deep relaxation and gentle healing touch.


Family Yoga: This once a month class is a fun way to experience yoga with your family. Breathing, meditation, postures, partner yoga, and so much more.  Class is open to children approximately ages 4 and up.  No experience is necessary.  Please bring one adult per child as some classes will incorporate partner yoga.


Gentle: The overall pace of these classes will be gentle. Postures and stretches will move slowly allowing for a deeper exploration and awareness, enhancing connection with the mind, body, and spirit. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques will be incorporated to aid in reaping the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of yoga. Classes open to all levels. Class level depends on the majority of participants.


Intermediate: These classes focus more detail on alignment, holding of postures, and strengthening. Classes will work toward involving breath into yoga postures and finding your yogic “edge”. More challenging postures will also be explored. These classes are designed for more experienced students who have completed several sessions with Amanda.


Intermediate Meditative Flow: These classes focus more detail on alignment, holding of postures, and strengthening. Classes will work toward involving breath into yoga postures and finding your yogic “edge”. These classes are designed for more those that wish to get more meditative in yoga. There will be lots of space to explore and deepen your practice.


Mommy & Me (Infant): Now that baby has arrived, take time to connect with other mothers to revitalize and renew your mind-body and spirit with breathwork and relaxation techniques. Classes will enhance your physical and mental well-being while bonding with your baby. Mommy and Me Yoga is a gentle yoga class that emphasizes stretching and toning the whole body. Moms will do yoga alone and with baby. There will be time for baby yoga too! You are welcome to begin yoga classes at least 6 weeks after delivery and until your baby begins to actively crawl. No prior yoga experience is necessary. Please bring a blanket for your baby and all other items your child may need to be comfortable (pacifier, toys, etc.)


NuMeYoga™: is an opportunity for you to combine losing weight through low-glycemic eating with yoga. An extensive meal plan that’s easy to follow, in depth ways to educate yourself, stress release, and body movement make this work!  Whether you have body issues, need to lose weight, want to feel healthier, or just know something is “off", this class will benefit you. Brief sharing, specific goals, and the beauty of yoga and nutrition are combined together for you to enjoy living at your healthiest level.


Pregnancy: Individual (one-on-one) private sessions are offered as well as scheduled group series. While pregnant women are welcome to join any Beginner class, it is a great idea to give you and your growing baby one-on-one attention. As time progresses, many postures and stretches need to be modified to make you and your baby comfortable and safe. A private session or participation in a pregnancy group session will ensure your physical, mental, and emotional comfort while assisting you in doing everything accurately and appropriately. You will also learn stretches and postures designed just for you and your baby that will aid you in pre- and post-delivery.


A series of pregnancy yoga classes will focus on gentle yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, and vocal toning. All these techniques will cultivate flexibility, confidence, and relaxation--now and during childbirth. Connect with other pregnant women and the wisdom of your baby and body.


Rhythm & PoseYoga: It's time to get funky! Shimmer through your yoga practice with fun music, posture flow, and dance. Explore your body-mind and spirit through movement, breath and sound. Take your practice to a new level. All ability levels encouraged to attend. Absolutely no experience required. Are you ready to feel more alive?

Each weekly class will vary between yoga postures, Sacred Dance Fusion, Expressive Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Toning & Sculpting Yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and Shavasana (relaxation). It will all have a fun zip to it!


Sports-Mind Yoga: For the athlete who may run, weight lift, swim, golf, play basketball, soccer, football, hockey, or any other sport, yoga will support you in maintaining overall balance. Over training your body could mean injury and/or resistance. Cross train with a yoga practice that is designed specifically for athletes to create flexibility and strength, provide new ways to focus, develop core strength, and balance the body-mind. Whether you are looking to be a more competitive athlete or not, yoga gives you the extra edge to go the distance--providing for mental and physical endurance. Classes focus on the yoga practice, breathwork, and various tools to increase mental and physical stamina. It also provides overall balance and health. Classes are appropriate for all ability levels.


Sunrise Yoga: Sink into the opportunity to awaken your mind-body and spirit this summer with a gentle morning practice.


Toning & Sculpting: These classes will focus on creating and exploring the inner strength of the mind, body and spirit while in the yoga postures. Holding the postures, conscious breathing, and revitalization of the mind, body, and spirit will bring more awareness within while working toward creating balance in daily life. While all yoga seeks to achieve this, this class will focus on more physical strengthening and toning. Experience this unique class while finding fun in toning & sculpting your abs, buttocks, legs, arms, etc.! Class session depends on level of the majority of participants.


Vinyasa: With a flowing series of poses, focus on strengthening, purifying, and transforming the mind, body and spirit. Build strength, improve your breathwork, and experience a whole lot of fun! Classes appropriate for all ability levels. Note: your body temperature will get warm.


Yin Yoga: Delve deeply into stillness, meditating in long-held seated floor postures, lengthening and opening those oft-neglected connective fibers of the joints. As opposed to the more common yang yoga – like vinyasa flow, yin yoga uses long-held (anywhere from 3-5 minutes) seated postures with the assistance of props to create openings into the connective tissue of the joints.


Yoga and Weights: Yoga and Weights is the newest form of yoga. Combining the grace of yoga with the mindfulness of body-building adds a whole new dimension to the mind-body connection. It’s a balance of strength, flexibility, breath and alignment, just like a traditional yoga practice. Amazingly, light weights have a profound effect on the body when you come from a place of centeredness, a slow pace, and methodical movements. Please bring 1-3 pound hand-held weights and 1-3 pound ankle weights. Come as you are! Any physical ability/fitness is encouraged to attend. No experience required.


Yoga for Children: This class is designed to introduce the fun of yoga to children. We'll explore yoga and its simple philosophy. Children will learn the details of various yoga postures, alignment, and breathing techniques. These classes will focus on compassion toward self and others, concentration and redirecting of senses through meditation and breathing, respect for Mother Earth and the universe, and learning to live in the present moment.


Yoga In Nature: Experience yoga on top of Fort Hill (route 114, past USM). Enjoy the beauty of nature and yoga as you wake up to greet the sun, wind, birds and life!


Yoga Mix: Together, two yoga styles offering fluidity between yin and yang. Find balance between challenging (yang) poses and settle into softer supported (yin) poses to close your practice. Strengthen your body by stressing the deep connective tissue. Use your yoga practice to strengthen, lengthen and hydrate your body and mind, thus balancing the flow of energy.







Private Sessions: Available by appointment. Those students who have special needs: physical injuries, anxiety or other emotional imbalances, varying work schedules, or are hesitant in joining a class, are invited to have their own individual private session(s). Please call for more information on scheduling your private session(s).





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