Reiki Certification Classes


Become a Reiki practitioner. Reiki, a Japanese word for Universal Life Force energy, is a very ancient method of healing. This natural flow of energy seeks to help each individual find balance and harmony in the body-mind and spirit. Learn to give Reiki healing energy to assist others (and yourself!) on a wellness journey.


Reiki I

Fee: $150.00


Reiki II

Fee: $200.00


Reiki III (Master)

Fee: $400.00




classes may be arranged (on site or off site) to accommodate your schedule


Reiki is offered in three parts: Reiki I, II, III (Master). Reiki Master (III) is offered upon request. It is recommended that one work with Reiki I three to six months prior to enrolling in Reiki II.


Classes taught by Reiki Master Bernadette Curtis

For more information or to register contact






Therapeutic Touch Training


(Krieger-Kunz Method)


Therapeutic Touch accelerates healing, promoting relaxation and a sense of comfort and well-being. TT works to renew energy and vitality, assisting to reestablish the order in the system. Sessions are only 20-30 minutes long and the practitioner may or may not touch physically.


to be announced

classes held at Holistic Pathways Yoga Center
call 839-7192 to schedule a class or to register
Fee $150.00


Full day for personal and complementary use with other practices. Training may be continued for another 4 hours to earn 12-hour basic training (to be applied toward QTTP certification through Nurse Healer's Association)--includes practice sessions to be documented following the class and later reviewed with an individual appointment following the full day of training.


University of Southern Maine's Summer Session schedule:
Therapeutic Touch offered May and June (Gorham)
for 3 credits.


Classes taught by Bernadette Curtis, Q.T.T.T.
(Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher)


other classes may be arranged (on site or off site) to accommodate your schedule


For more information or to register, call Bernadette at 207.839.7192 or email



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