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About Us

Our mission at Holistic Pathways Yoga Center is to empower others to heal themselves in a natural healing environment involving facilitating ones' healing process through energy bodywork sessions and yogic practices, as well as with health/lifestyle information and education.

We offer support and guidance on one's path to wholeness and wellness with holistic choices in one's

health care, including avenues to help individuals work with their medical doctors and health practitioners 

by integrating complementary methods to achieve optimum health and joy.

Amanda Curtis Kezal, owner of Holistic Pathways, holds a B.A. in Holistic Studies. She is a

certified and registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher, certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, certified Expressive

Yoga Dance Teacher, certified Yoga Shred Instructor, Energy Medicine Yoga Instructor and Yoga with Weights™ Instructor. Amanda has successfully completed trainings in Yin Yoga and Meditation,

Core Strength Vinyasa, Chair Yoga, as well as Facial Yoga. She is also a Transitions Lifestyle Nutrition Coach.

Amanda has been teaching yoga for over 20 years with her yoga fusion style. She is also a Reiki Master and Therapeutic Touch practitioner.


Amanda is a yoga instructor in community adult education programs, various health centers, senior and preschool programs, public schools and at college and university levels. She is currently teaching credit courses at the University of Southern Maine: Intro to Yoga (on-campus and online), as well as, Yoga Fusion, Yoga and Nutrition, and Holistic Health II. 

Amanda is passionate about bringing yoga to as many students as possible and, as a result, developed

Yoga Online and Yoga LIVE. She continues innovating approaches to sharing the many benefits

of yoga with others.

Amanda incorporates play within the body-mind-spirit to explore opening through stretches and asanas,

full breathwork, visualization and meditation with her practice. Yoga is meant to be fun and practiced without having to turn oneself into a pretzel.
Her background and interests include healing through holistic health, nutrition, homeopathy, and Young Living essential oils. Amanda is an avid runner and, with teenagers, loves to be on the move! 
She is a member of the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Association; the Yoga Alliance and Independent Yoga Education of America; and the American Pregnancy Association and the United Medical Freedom Super PAC.

Bernadette Curtis, M.S., B.C.P.P., Q.T.T.T., is a board certified and registered advanced Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Energy System Patterning Practitioner, Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Teacher, and a Reiki Master, integrating Listening Touch, Energy Tracing, and Quantum-Touch® techniques with

her intuition and channeling gifts that enhance her focus in healing and mentoring. She holds degrees in liberal arts and education, as well as a master's degree in holistic health and healing. Her background includes career counseling, training and program development; curriculum development; instructor in community adult education programs; continuing education programs; and at college/ university levels.


Bernadette is a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. She is also a member of

the American Polarity Therapy Association; and Nurse Healers--Professional Associates International. 

Bernadette is the founder of Holistic Pathways.

Holistic Philosophy - The term "holistic" is derived from the Greek root, holos, meaning complete, whole, entire. Holistic health incorporates our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Healing holistically means restoring harmony, wholeness, and wellness at all three levels--requiring the integration of body, mind, and spirit. The body has an innate ability to heal itself and one can support the healing process with natural therapies and remedies that encourage our body's natural functions to restore. In working at achieving whole health, the goal is not to remove the symptom of illness or discomfort, but to get at the casual level and seek to attain a greater state of wholeness.


Holistic is not a technique but a way of approaching healing through incorporating several different therapies which may also include conventional/ Western medicine. Health is achieved by creating balance in all aspects of our lives--the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self--by making healthy choices, establishing healthy relationships, honoring our environment, and taking responsibility for our own health.


We are influenced by many factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, relationships, attitudes, family background, society, environment, and spiritual or religious practices. A holistic approach to health is looking at the total or complete person. The path to recovery varies with each individual as we are all unique--what works for someone else may not work for another. There is no "one way," and we have many choices in which to integrate various approaches to healing.


Healing is natural. The body wants to be healthy and is constantly seeking its natural health on a daily basis. The healing of any imbalance in our lives comes from within us and health leads to the knowledge of the inner you. Treatment comes from outside, yet healing comes from within.


Our inner life energy becomes active through the practice of holistic techniques. Our vital force begins to correct imbalanced or interrupted energy flow and we begin to communicate with our true nature and become whole.


We are all connected with one another and with the planet earth. As we journey on a path toward wholeness and perfect health the earth heals also. It begins with each one of us individually. We then help create a wholeness within us that extends outward and around us. Practicing and subscribing to living a whole life, we move toward achieving our highest potential. To live wholly, we live consciously, mindfully, and aware of each and every day and its effects on the self, the body, our family, our community, and ultimately our planet.


Holistic Pathways recognizes the various paths there are to wellness and we emphasize balanceand choices. One's journey toward balance, harmony, and wellness is not only supported with assistance and guidance in holistic approaches to health issues, but includes avenues to help individuals work with their medical doctors and health practitioners by integrating alternative/ complementary methods to achieve optimum health and joy. The path one chooses is a self-learning and discovery experience that is a lifelong journey.


Holistic Pathways offers health counseling and education; wellness coaching; energy bodywork with integrated touch and natural healing therapies; yoga classes; nutrition, exercise, attitude, and lifestyle support. We are dedicated to empowering others to heal themselves and supporting one through a healthy transformation.


Our future at Holistic Pathways Yoga and Healing Center holds a promise to create a wellness community environment for those who seek assistance with their healing journey to wholeness. We believe our greatest achievement will be one of creating an awareness of self through self-discovery, healing, and positive growth. We begin with the very basic introduction to awareness, and continue with a focus on helping one strive toward wholeness on a guided journey.

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