Yoga Online

Practice yoga at any time, in whatever outfit, without any travel, with Amanda!


Imagine yoga 7 days a week from the comfort of your own home!


Each session is approximately 30 minutes with the extended time you may devote to relaxing on your own. Classes follow a similar sequence for 8 weeks with variations of stretches and asanas with both long holds and flows.  Each posture is complete with details and explanations so that you can flow through yoga mindfully and with breath (and without watching the computer the entire time). Classes are appropriate for all levels with a splash of fun thrown in there! 


This medium can stand alone for your yoga practice or can also be a wonderful addition to your weekly 

in-studio practice. You do not have to be a student of Holistic Pathways in order to register for classes.  

These classes are available for anyone (locally or at a distance).


Why practice yoga at home?


- You decide when to practice.  5am, 5pm or even 12pm!  

- There is less competition. 

- You are in the comfort of your own home or your own space.

- There is less time commitment (no need to travel to and from the studio).

- The hassles of “what to wear” are gone.


You will have access to all 8 professionally-filmed and edited videos.  You may practice yoga each day at any time you wish.  Videos may not be downloaded or copied as you will notice in the Terms of Agreement.  They are copyright protected.  You may be able to connect your computer to your tv for viewing.  


Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  Register now.


Which Yoga series do I register for?


There is no particular order to practice the yoga series. If you are new to yoga though, we do recommend you start with series 1. Within each series, the videos progress from week 1 to week 8. We do recommend that you practice the videos in order. You can always practice each video more than once. Everyone finds a different 'favorite'. Or register for the Yoga Online Library and have access to all the videos ever created and experiement with your practice. 


Pregnancy Yoga


These are 30 minute videos designed exclusively for the pregnant mother.  Gentle postures, breathwork and meditation--all to cultivate flexibility, confidence, and relaxation--now and during childbirth. 

$50 for all 7-weeks, plus a bonus-guided meditation designed for nurturing the mother now. Register at any time!


Toning & Sculpting Yoga


Everyone's favorite class is now online! These videos focus on creating and exploring the inner strength of the mind, body and spirit while in yoga postures and other fun body movements. Holding the postures, conscious breathing, and revitalization of the mind, body, and spirit will bring more awareness within while working toward creating balance in daily life. While all yoga seeks to achieve this, these videos focus on more physical strengthening and toning. Experience this unique class online while finding fun in toning & sculpting your abs, buttocks, legs, arms, etc.!

You can buy access to 8 different video series to expand your yoga practice to your home, office or anywhere!
The access lasts for eight weeks and each series costs $50.
**You must fill out the following form BEFORE purchasing and practicing yoga from home**

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Yoga Video Series 6

Yoga Video Series Toning & Sculpting

Yoga Video Series Prenatal

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