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Yoga Snacking

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Welcome to the new series of online yoga classes designed just for your busy lifestyle.
It can be a challenge to fit in a full yoga practice each week. It can also be a challenge to be in your home focused
on yoga for an hour. I hear you…introducing your yoga snack! 


These videos are a great way to supplement your regular extended yoga practice.
All videos are approximately 20 minutes. You can choose what you need in the moment from the playlist.
Each Yoga Snacking includes 4 videos that are available for 4 weeks to use as often as you wish.

Yoga Snacking #1:


Energize: Shift the energy of the moment to awaken and create freedom from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual holdings. Feel revitalized, rejuvenated, and restored. Find your joy.

Serenity Now: Part of shifting into serenity is letting go of the baggage that has settled into the mind, body and spirit. Experience fluidity with movement that is designed to release and let go of what weights on you, to bring you back to earth, grounded and connect to your source.

Posture Alignment: Arise from the slump of the day—physically and mentally. Free your organs and elongate your discs and spine to find space. Resist the tendency to lean forward into the future, a tendency to be heavy in the moment with rounded shoulders, or a tendency to shift back into the past. Ground yourself with intention in the present.


Back Support: How can you support yourself first as well as support others too? Ease your way into reducing tension, stress, and everything else you accumulate and hold in your back. We are connected from top to bottom so one thing affects another. Strengthen and stretch your way to freedom.

Yoga Snacking #2:

Happy Hips: When you feel angry, you tend to clench your jaw. This same action happens in the hips when we feel threatened, or feel sadness, fear, or worry. Gently find freedom for the entire body with simple hip openers. The hips store energy and emotions and, through this sequence, let go of it all.


Good Morning: As you linger between sleep and consciousness, create your intentions for the day as you gently awaken to another glorious day full of “get to-do’s.” This sequence I personally do as I hit snooze every morning. Enjoy.


Get Twisted: Twists are beautiful movements designed to restore and calm the nervous system. They help us move out of flight or fight response and into rest and digest mode. This is where healing may happen. Receive fresh nutrients, keep yourself flexible, nourish spinal discs, and stimulate circulation. Find balance again.


Wind Down: Transition from the day's activities into rest mode. A consistent yoga practice reduces stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Calm your system and establish a bedtime ritual with yoga to ease you into slumber.


…with more topics to come related to other specific relief.


Keep yourself centered, fluid and happy! 

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Yoga Snacking #1 

Yoga Snacking #2

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