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Yoga In-Studio

Holistic Pathways: our style! 


Kripalu Yoga has been the foundation of Holistic Pathways for the past 25+ years.

As we evolve, we have incorporated many styles and ability levels, including Expressive Yoga, Sacred Dance Fusion, Rhythm & Pose™, Yoga with Weights, Toning & Sculpting, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, but at the heart of each practice is still Kripalu. We call our unique blend Yoga Fusion.

 Please see the class descriptions when you Book Online for more information. 

Private Sessions: Available by appointment online and in-studio. Those students who have special needs: physical injuries, anxiety or other emotional imbalances, varying work schedules, or are hesitant in joining a class, are invited to have their own individual private session(s). Please call for more information on scheduling your private session(s).


Private Couples Yoga: The pregnant woman gets all the attention and feels the baby growing inside. Sometimes the husband/partner may experience "left out" feelings. Private sessions for pregnant couples are offered to support both parents and baby(s) through the waiting period and following the birth. We'll focus on ways to instill confidence, flexibility, connection, and relaxation--not only for you as the couple, but also to support you both in bonding with this beautiful being growing inside. Connect with the wisdom of your body, baby, and expectant dad. Neither need prior yoga experience. You can do this at any time in your pregnancy.


Call about semi-private sessions for you and your pregnant friends.

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