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Once clicking on the Buy Now button, you will be directed to Pay Pal where you may pay via Pay Pal or a credit card.

If you would prefer to pay with a check or cash, please contact Amanda for the mailing address.

Please avoid using American Express as their transaction rates have greatly increased.

Convenience fees apply when paying online. 

New to Holistic Pathways? Please complete the Student Record Form before your first class.

Drop-In Visits $15

Unable to attend a regular scheduled class?
Drop-in online or in-person

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Yoga with Weights $110 (8 weeks)

Combining the grace of yoga with the mindfulness of body-building adds a whole new dimension to the mind-body connection. It’s a balance of strength, flexibility, breath and alignment; just like a traditional yoga practice. Amazingly, light weights have a profound effect on the body when you come from a place of centeredness, a slow pace, and methodical movements. Please bring 3-5 pound hand-held weights. Come as you are! Any physical ability/fitness is encouraged to attend. No experience required.
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Guided Meditations $25 (365 days!)

Just like the meditations we practice in class. Most of the 5-10 minute meditations are designed as seated, but you can always practice them lying down. You can practice whenever the time is convenient for you and as often as you wish. An email for access will be sent within 24 hours after registration. 
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Private Sessions

Available by appointment. Those students who have special needs: physical injuries, anxiety or other emotional imbalances, varying work schedules, or are hesitant in joining a class, are invited to have their own individual private session(s).
Please call for more information on scheduling your private session(s).

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Gentle Yoga $110 (8 weeks)

The overall pace of these classes will be gentle. Postures and stretches will move slowly allowing for a deeper exploration and awareness, enhancing connection with the mind, body and spirit. Classes open to all levels. Class level depends on the majority of participants. 

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Yoga Snacking #1 $35 (4 weeks)

Supplement your regular extended yoga practice with 20 minute videos:
Happy Hips
Good Morning
Get Twisted
Wind Down
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Yoga Snacking #2 $35 (4 weeks)

Supplement your regular extended yoga practice with 20 minute videos:

Serenity Now
Posture Alignment
Back Support
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Strength Membership $50 (8 weeks)

Use your yoga practice as an opportune time to alternate between awakening movements, resistance training with your own bodyweight, and adding in 5-pound dumbbells (or lighter). Practice whenever it is convenient for you.
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Saco Recreation Seniority Yoga is available for registration by clicking here.
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