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Yoga Live

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In Yoga Live we practice together from our own homes at a predetermined time.

How is this different than Yoga Online?

Yoga Online includes 8 professionally filmed 30-minute videos you have access to for 8 weeks.


Yoga LIVE is a scheduled class currently offered:

Monday 8:30am Gentle-ish

Wednesday 9:00am Yoga with Weights or Toning & Sculpting


All Live classes are recorded. 

When you register for the session you will have access to these videos on the Holistic Pathways YouTube channel. You can practice when it's convenient for you and as often as you wish during our 8-wk session.

Fine Print:

No one will see you, your house or whatever child or pet decides to join you.

You will be muted upon entering the class.

A link will be emailed for you to access our session.

Please be sure to complete the required Student Record Form before practicing the first class.

Ready to practice Yoga LIVE?

Click on the Register Now link and scroll down to find the class you wish to enroll in.

Private sessions also offered LIVE!
Specific health concerns?
Anxiety? Depression?
Aches and pains?
Need more relaxation in yoga or more vigor?
Varying work schedule?
Want better alignment in your poses or assistance with meditation?
Create your own private session LIVE where we can see one another and address
your needs--without leaving the comfort of your home.
Contact to schedule your session.
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