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What is Yoga? Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "yuj", meaning to join together or weld. It is a union between the mind, body, and spirit. The vision of yoga is an unbroken awareness of oneness with the mind, body, and spirit--it is a process of returning to wholeness. Discovering how and what makes you whole can be a challenge. Yoga is a time to not only connect with your body, but with your entire self.


Yoga is a relationship with yourself, your family and friends, and with nature. It's how we live life everyday. Yoga is peace, comfort, relaxation, energy, focus, awareness, and so much more. Experiment with yoga, bring your awareness within, and discover who you are.


What do I need to bring to yoga class? Please bring your own yoga mat. You may rent one for $3 should you forget to bring your own. Most people bring a water bottle when they come to class. In the cooler months it is a good idea to wear layers. Yoga class may increase your body temperature, but relaxation and laying in stillness allows your body temperature to cool down. 


Can I eat before class? Ideally, yoga is practiced on an empty stomach. Allow your body to be as free of food as possible. Try not to eat at least three hours before your yoga practice. Honor your body--if you are hungry, eat. Be sure to eat something light and small. Keep your body well-nourished.


What do I wear to yoga class? Most people wear shorts and t-shirts in the summer. The studio is lightly air conditioned and may run during class depending on the temperature outside. In the fall and winter most people wear leggins, sweatpants, or any other type of clothing that allows for free movement. Wear something comfortable. The warm ups, stretches, and yoga postures may increase your body temperature, but relaxation allows your body to cool down. Dress in layers, i.e.. T-shirt and long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt. Blankets are provided, if you wish to cover up.


Yoga is practiced in bare feet. Most warm ups and stretches can be practiced with socks on, but all postures are practiced with no socks on--for your safety and a deeper connection to the earth.


Please refrain from wearing any perfumes and scented lotions on the day you come to class. As class heats up, the scents are dispersed into the room causing those with allergies to become uncomfortable. We do diffuse Young Living essential oils to enhance your yoga practice.


How long does yoga class run? Most yoga classes runs for an hour. Feel free to arrive early to ask questions or communicate with your fellow classmates. Do arrive at least five minutes early. In all fairness to others, I like to start class on time. Class runs for eight weeks. Dates of no classes are posted on the schedule for holidays, etc.


What if I am late to yoga class? Feel free to come late to class (quietly), if life presents you with uncontrollable situations. If class is "centering," please wait in the coatroom until we are finished. Take your time to fully arrive to class and do your own centering before you begin your warm ups and stretches.


What if I miss a class? You are always free to make up a class that you have missed. Classes must be made up within the eight-week session that you have signed up for. As long as there is space in another class, you are welcome to join in to make up your missed class. Please call or email me to be sure there is room.


Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable except for serious medical emergencies. Please look at your schedule before enrolling in the series. If canceling before the class series begins, we will grant refunds, minus a $15 processing fee.


What happens with inclement weather? There will be a message posted on the News & Updates section one hour prior to the start of class. If class is canceled due to inclement weather, we may practice Yoga LIVE. An email will be sent with access details. 


How often should I practice yoga? Is once a week enough? As in any activity, the more you practice the better you do. The more yoga you practice, the more you are able to reap the benefits. It is recommended to practice yoga daily, although allow your body time to rest once a week or do a gentle practice. A good home practice would be 45 minutes to an hour, including a centering, warm up stretches, various postures, breathing, and relaxation. If you can practice for only 15 minutes, that's fine. The goal is to keep your body-mind and sprit flexible. Don't stress if you cannot incorporate yoga into your daily life. Do the best you can and enjoy your practice!


What are some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice? Although some people immediately reap the benefits of yoga, for others it may take more time. The more time you devote to your yoga practice, the more you reap the benefits of yoga and create a balanced, whole, and peaceful person--that is the only goal of yoga. Essentially, a regular yoga practice can:


create flexibility in your body and life ~ build physical strength ~ release muscular tension ~ alleviate stress and anxiety ~ improve sleep and reduce fatigue ~ create mental and physical rejuvenation ~ create a clear and focused mind ~ enhance the immune system ~ bring the body into proper alignment ~ benefit the circulatory, nervous, and respiratory system ~ strengthen internally and externally ~ massage, strengthen, and balance internal organs ~ alleviate pain ~ balance, mind, body, and spirit


What is the typical flow of class? Classes focus on the union of mind, body, and spirit, introducing various yoga postures and breathing techniques in a noncompetitive way. Time for relaxing and quieting the mind gently brings each session to a close. Class begins with a centering--fully arriving to class. Class progresses to warm up stretches and postures with the emphasis being on breathing, awareness, and comfort. Relaxation closes class, aiding in peace and calmness. Inspirational words and readings allow for a thought-provoking introspective.


Each yoga practice varies. Sometimes we are able to touch our toes and other times it is impossible. Yoga is not just about how flexible we can be physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Each time you come into your centering, stretches, and postures, is a time to experiment and explore what is happening "today", right at this very moment. Take the time to go slowly and listen to what your body-mine and spirit have to offer to you. During one practice you may wish to push yourself and create a challenge, and another day you may desire a gentle, light session. Go within and honor whatever you are feeling today.


Can children do yoga? Children of any age can do yoga. They can be living in a stressful world of demanding social activities, siblings, and sometimes parents. They need the gentle, calming, and introspective aspect that yoga creates. With the inspirational words at the close of class, children are able to think about the inner spirit and kindness that resides inside. Children are able to reap the many benefits of yoga too! Classes are held either with parent and child or within their age groups. Get a group together or find out more information on when the next classes will start.

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