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January 09, 2020


The Holistic Pathways YouTube channel offers guided meditation.


These are just like the meditations we practice in class. Most of the 5-10 minute meditations are designed as seated, but you can always practice them lying down. You can practice whenever the time is convenient for you and as often as you wish. For the whole year!


Experience the many benefits of meditation as you create an intention for a more mindful, healthy, happy and peaceful year.

Since it's the beautiful year of 2020, the annual subscription is only $20!

 You will have access to all the meditations, with new ones being added throughout the year.

You may purchase online or in-studio.

Begin anytime!

December 19, 2019

Yoga in 2020

In an effort to keep your emails at least one email quieter this holiday season,

you will notice you have not received many messages lately 😊

Our schedule remains the same for 2020 as we balance our lives on and off the yoga mat. Hope to see you soon! Many wishes and blessings to you and yours xo

1/20 - 3/16

no class 2/17

Monday 9am Gentle

1/21 - 3/17

no class 2/4

Tuesday 6:30pm Continuing/Intermediate Blend

1/22 - 3/18

no class 2/19

Wednesday 9am Yoga with Weights

6:30pm Yoga Fusion


Ready to begin yoga and change your life?

Register prior to 1/6 for $100 for the 8 week session

New to Holistic Pathways?

Complete the Student Record Form online

October 25, 2019

Winter Yoga

Winter Session

11/18 - 1/13 

no class 12/30

Monday 9am Gentle

11/5 - 1/7

no class 12/24, 12/31

Tuesday 6:30pm Continuing/Intermediate

11/6 - 1/15

no class 11/27, 12/25, 1/1

Wednesday 9am Yoga with Weights

6:30pm Yoga Fusion


Ready to begin yoga?

Contact Amanda for your pro-rated fee


September 19, 2019

Saco Monthly Yoga Enrichments

Scoot on over to our Wellness Services to see all the Yoga Enrichments

offered at Saco Parks and Rec this school year. Each workshop is just $5.

August 08, 2019

We're Moving! 🥳

We’re moving to another location! I’m excited to announce we are moving a short distance,

just up the street, connecting with On Purpose WellBeing Center.


When I joined my mother at Holistic Pathways in 1997, we purchased “the Center” at 203 Main Street. We had great successes with workshops, retreats, holistic healing, and yoga classes. 

Life has transitioned in those 22 years and many beautiful opportunities have been presented to me. I am sharing the many benefits of yoga, meditation, and yoga/nutrition with credit courses at USM in the Recreational and Leisure Studies program.  I am also providing many classes in Saco, and I’m happy to be able to stay connected with the Gorham community (my home town).  The many changes I have been seeking are now allowing me more time to pursue other advantages as I evolve even more with what I love to do. I am in awe for all that you have taught me and with much gratitude.


I hope you will continue your yoga practice with me at 381 Main Street where I am still Holistic Pathways, LLC.  I invite you to look at what On Purpose has to offer at onpurposewbc.com. With a fitness background and focus on “recover, recreate, and rejoice,” I love the mind, body, and spirit connection Catherine has inspired.  It all seems like a perfect fit.


For our fall, aka “late summer”, series of yoga classes, join Melissa and I down the road at

381 Main Street.  Our class times remain the same: 

Monday, 9:00am Gentle

Tuesday, 6:30pm Continuing

Wednesday, 9:00am Yoga with Weights

Wednesday, 6:30pm is now Yoga Fusion


All classes continue to be 8-weeks at $110.

We will begin in our new location the week of September 9th.


I am looking forward to meeting you there.


March 28, 2019

Saco Yoga

Looking to practice YOGA in Saco with Amanda?

All classes are on-going with drop-in availability.

75 Franklin St, Saco @ Saco Parks and Rec

Seniors (50+)

$3 Saco residents/$4 non-residents

Mondays 10:45am Beginner/Continuing

Wednesdays 10:45am Beginner/Continuing

Fridays 8:30am Yoga with Weights

Returns late fall

General Adult Yoga

$5 Saco residents/$6 non-residents

Mondays 6:30pm monthly classes

January 11, 2019

LIVE recordings of HIIT Yoga and Toning & Sculpting Yoga!


Combine Yoga and Toning & Sculpting with timed high intensity exercises

to increase your heart rate, metabolic threshold, and to sweat.

I have always considered yoga a “work in”, not a “work out”, so, I have created this class to combine the mindfulness of yoga with high intensity body movement.


You will work hard. You will breathe. You will love it!


This class is only offered online. 

While this class isn't for everyone, many  modifications are given.

All HIIT Yoga and Toning & Sculpting Yoga classes have been recorded.

When you register you will have access to these videos via the Holistic Pathways YouTube channel. Choose between 3 different 8-week sessions. Now you can practice when it's convenient for you. 

LIVE classes will return late fall 2019

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Wellness Services


Class Schedule

Once you find the class you want, click on the Book Your Class button below.
Please note the location of class and class description when you register.
Questions? Email amanda@holisticpathways.com
381 Main St, Gorham
no class 2/17
9am Gentle
no class 2/4
6:30pm Intermediate Blend
no class 2/19
9am Yoga with Weights 
6:30pm Toning & Sculpting
New to Holistic Pathways?
Complete the Student Record Form online
USM Fitness Center
returns in February
$50 per semester
11:00am Yoga Fusion

Offering year-round credit courses through USM’s Recreation and Leisure Studies Dept and College of Nursing:

Yoga on campus

Yoga online

Yoga Fusion

Yoga and Nutrition

Holistic Health

returns early spring
videos available now
8 wks $80
5:30am HIIT Yoga 
6:30am Toning & Sculpting


Seniors 50+ Yoga

on-going classes

$3 Saco residents

$4 non-residents

75 Franklin St


10:45am Beginner/Continuing



10:45am Beginner/Continuing



8:30am Yoga with Weights

General Public

$5 Saco residents

$6 non-residents



6:30pm monthly classes


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